Minitransporter with Concrete Mixer and Self-loading Shovel - 954BBT

Tracked Minitransporter with Hydraulic Tipping Concrete Mixer and Self-Loading Shovel

  1. General Details
    Concrete mixer to prepare the quantity of concrete required whenever and wherever it is needed. Equipped with a self-loading shovel to increase productivity by loading the aggregate directly and unloading the concrete.

    Model: 954.AMTI-5.0BETP-

    Some technical data:

    Power units (HP) 9 Petrol – 7 Diesel
    Concrete mixer with shovel 226 kg
    Overall weight 546 kg
    Fuel tank capacity 25 litres
    Working pressure 160 bar
    Hydraulic pumps 2
    Speed Slow 2.1 km/h – Fast 4.8 km/h
    Drum volume/output 250/200 litres
    Shovel volume/max load weight 80 litres /80 kg

    The tracked undercarriage is available with the following power units:

    Code Make Type Starting Horsepower/kw
    G09H Honda Petrol Manual 9 cv
    GE09H Honda Petrol Electric 9 cv
    DE07Y Yanmar Diesel Electric 7 cv
  2. Shipping

    Shipping to Italy

    Wood packaging with HT treatment, certification and shipment: 400,00€

    Shipping to Italy (isles)

    Wood packaging with HT treatment, certification and shipment: 480,00€

    Shipping to Europe

    Wood packaging with HT treatment, certification and shipment: 550,00€

    Packaging fees and shipment 22% VAT inclusive.

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