Minitransporter key features - 954BBT


Discover the exclusive features that make 954 BBT minitransporters the obvious choice

Single tracked undercarriage for multiple applications

This is our design ethos: just one Minitransporter on which to mount a range of different applications.
Dumper, Dumper with shovel, Farm and Building Construction Bodies, Cranes, Excavators, Earth Augers and Winches, all easily and rapidly installed on our tracked undercarriage.

Watch the video clip to get an idea of the straightforward procedure to change application.

Honda: Engine Installation Check Sheet

Abbati srl for 954BBT APPROVED!
We’re original equipment installers authorised to fit the “Powered by Honda” range. All our customers can refer to the Honda service network anywhere in the world.


Construction quality
All hydraulic components are supplied by top Italian manufacturers in their field.

Proportional control valves

Gear pumps

Luen OMT Group
Flow regulator valves

HBS Oleoidraulica
Control valves

M+S Hydraulic
Orbital motors

Made in Italy

The complete production cycle of our Minitransporters is performed entirely in our Italian facilities, from fabrication of the steel chassis to complete assembly and final testing.