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954BBT – About our company

State of the art solutions, innovation and reliability: that’s the spirit that’s accompanied our work since 2001 in the mechanical engineering, hydraulic and fabrication sectors.
We’ve worked hard over the years with determination and enthusiasm to ensure our customers get the very best, always.
Today our products are successfully employed in many different countries.
Working from our factory in Boretto (RE) Italy, in 2007 we created the 954BBT brand line of minitransporters, compact tracked machines with big performance, an exceptional level of technology and highly functional hydraulics.
One undercarriage for many applications.


The complete cycle, from machining work to construction, assembly and testing, is performed entirely in our Italian facilities. Each process is supported by certifications granted by universally recognised bodies.

1Tracked Undercarriage
9Power units
13Different applications
847Satisfied customers
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